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GT, I need your help.

It's rare these days for me to be in a good, hopeful mood and sustain it for any period of time (for a number of reasons.) I have future grad school (and life) plans that I know will work, that I can MAKE work, but lately I've been automatically defaulting to thinking of all the ways it WON'T work, how it can go wrong, etc. I have been letting someone else determine (and delay) those plans and getting really depressed at the fact that I let this happen, and continue to let it happen. I have to start being a little selfish, and for someone like me who is routinely racked with guilt about everything (even over stuff that's not my fault), that feels damn near impossible.

So: I need a little encouragement. How do you all keep your motivation and optimism up? Even if it's just telling yourself "you can do eet!", I need all the advice I can get, because I have a LONG (but exciting) road ahead of me.


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