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GT, I need your meds expertise!

A friend of mine went to the psychiatrist today for happy pills and was given a prescription for 50mg of Seroquel, which I've never heard of and seems not really applicable to his situation. Have any of all y'all used it or know anything about it? He's pretty worried about getting on meds to start with and didn't really like the psychiatrist he saw - looking for something mild that he can take as needed rather than a heavy duty deal, and the Seroquel website has depression, bipolar, and schizophrenia as like their main headings.

Mainly, he has huge issues sleeping and a tendency to have anxiety and spiral into dark thoughts and is going through a rough time, and looking for something that will kind of help keep him stable as he does psychotherapy, which he goes to his main therapist twice a week. The sleeping seems to be a huge part of it - he gets insomnia and his good days/bad days are pretty directly correlated to whether or not he slept the night before. His psych did also give him a prescription for Lunesta (Ambien doesn't work for him any longer and hes been taking it way longer than he should anyway). I dated this person for 6 years; I would not think they were bipolar but BPD wouldn't surprise me.


Personal experiences and knowledge, please! Please play internet doctor - you guys are like the most knowledgable group of people I know about this stuff. He's worried about long term effects, what happens when he wants to get off of it, and of course, sex drive stuff.

By the way, if you ever tell someone "Let me do a little research, I know a group of people that between us like know everything about all the meds" they really start asking questions about who you hang out with....


Yours in squalor,


P.S. In advance:

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