Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

GT, I'm about to do something crazy

I think we’re quitting our jobs and moving to Portland. Actually, I know we are. I just put notice in at our building, and next week I’ll put notice in at my job. Mr.TenInch is trying to make arrangements to stay in Seattle an extra week to finish out the pay period for an full extra paycheck.

We just got sick of sitting and waiting for jobs to appear, while recruiters went “Oh.....” when they realized we are currently in Seattle. So we did the math, and we can survive without touching our savings until mid-December. IT’S CRAZY. When did we get our shit together enough to have that much money? And that’s not even including our savings! Jesus. I’m impressed with myself. We’re taking control and making shit happen.


Yes, it’s a risk. We know that either of us could easily be unemployed that whole 3 months. But just one of us needs to get a job in order to start replenishing our little account. So we’re being optimistic, and we’re getting our shit in order. And we’re moving to Portland.

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