Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

GT Interviews: The Future?

I think we've done about 12 parts + written interviews (maybe about 60-65 people) and I want to ask a few things. Is this something still of interest to GT or have we been played out and we should just go on our merry way? Would there be a benefit to putting them on some other type of data base (and if so, which one would it be)? Soundcloud is hard b/c of data restrictions. Would it be better for me to have two set times during a week (or maybe one evening and then another every other week in the morning) that we do them because coordinating is hard and I don't want people to feel beholden to sticking around for a fun internet activity. And do people want to participate in this endeavor—by coming up with questions, interviewing, etc etc?


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