Okay guys. TW: Extreme Inanity. I'm going to use you to help keep me motivated to get done a bunch of stuff I've been putting off. I have the day off, Baby Haa is at my MILs, husband is at work. I've got the house to myself and a shit load of stuff to do. So in an effort to make sure I complete at least a few things on this list I will write them out here:

- Check Cleo the cat has to go to the vet at 10. She gained a tiny bit of weight but otherwise was great and she doesn't hate me too much!

- Check Grocery shopping for the week. Making the list and figuring out what to make for dinner this week. All put away and now I'm going to reward myself with a yummy lunch and take a bit of a break before I move on.

- Check Laundry- sorted, washed, dried and folded. Technically I have a basket of stuff to hang I'm putting off until tomorrow. But close enough.

- Check Sort thru old baby clothes to give to SIL, organize 3-6 month stuff Baby Haa is wearing now. Sorted thru and put everything in piles by size. Will go thru what does/doesn't fit tomorrow.


- Semi-check.Online shop for basically everything in larger sizes. I got jeans and some lipsticks but I really also need bras and underwear so maybe I will try again later. Still have to do this.

-Vaccuum/dust living room and clean the shower (it's been at least a month).

- Listen to the message from the damn insurance guy (I got a check in the mail Friday so I know it was approved) and make appointment to have my car fixed


I think I can get the first 3 things done pretty easily. Cat needs her shots, I have no clean underwear, and there's nothing in the house to eat. I really shouldn't put off sorting the clothes since SIL's baby is going to be in 0-3 month clothes any minute now. I really have been putting off buying new clothes and am still mostly wearing maternity stuff. Ordering the larger sizes won't be so traumatic online but I'll feel awful if stuff doesn't fit. I can probably enlist Mr. Haa to help with the rest of the list sometime this week. But when I write it out like that it seems both like a lot and not so much. I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't do everything.

TW- moderate body talk: Some fun stuff, BFF invited me and Mr. Haa to an indoor waterpark in February with a big group of people. I'm pretty positive my mom would love to take the baby for the weekend and I haven't seen my girlfriends since Thanksgiving. Only thing that sucks? Bikinis and I'm the only one who's had a baby. I'm dreading this but trying not to feel so terrible about it. I did order that magical retro black one piece swimsuit on Modcloth everyone is always talking about so hopefully I look cute. I'm not really sure it will do much for my body shape. I don't want this to hold me back but I'm already feeling pretty bad about it.


Update: I kind of got distracted after lunch and took a nap. I also made chocolate peanut butter chip cookies. What? It was a very important task.

Update 2: Almost done with laundry but now I have to go pick up Baby Haa from her grandma's since Mr. Haa is stuck at work. The cleaning will definitely be left for another day. I will listen to that stupid message before the night is over. Oh and I should have added change our sheets to the list because I've been putting that off for days too. Gross. That will be done before the end of the night. I'm also hoping to have a tiny bit of time to work on my cross stitch. I'm flying thru it but I'm probably only a third done.


Final Update: Fuck I didn't listen to the message. Tomorrow I have to do it and call to make the appointment for my car. Not looking forward to being down to one car for 3 days (I know, I know 1st world problems to the max). After I picked up the baby, I unpacked all her stuff and then made dinner. Mr. Haa came home shortly after and took over dealing with her. Then acted all put out and kept interrupting me making dinner to ask me silly questions he could answer himself and I got stressed out. I ended up snapping at him and he basically snapped back that he worked all day and now was taking care of the baby. I wanted to scream at him that he wasn't more appreciative that I did a shit load of stuff (without any of his help) on the day I had off to de-stress. Yes he worked but so did I. I just didn't go into the office. He ended up going upstairs after eating dinner by himself in the kitchen so I didn't getting to change the sheets. I don't know how to get him to understand I'm not doing this to him on purpose. And I seriously think he expects back pats for dealing with Baby Haa when he doesn't think of all the household stuff I still handle on top of taking care of the baby pretty regularly. He talks about not wanting to keep score but I honestly feel like he meant he didn't want me to point out that I took care of her exclusively the first 12 weeks of her life. I mean I don't want to keep score either but it feels like he throws stuff back in my face. Sorry I kind of went on a tangent there but anyways I'm going to get ready for bed and spend some time unwinding before I hit the hay. Thanks for letting me ramble to you all.