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ME: [buys new plastic laundry basket and places it in front of ancient washing machine]


7 y/o Daughter: [jumps in thinking it’d be fun and bouncy]

7D: [breaks basket]

7D:[Tries to get out from her place but can’t with all the plastic shards]

7D:[starts to get frustrated and then calls for help after half an hour]

ME:[cleans it up while telling her it’s ok constantly]

After I cleaned it up, I had to tell her it was ok after she started crying because she felt pity for the new laundry basket. And then she went on merrily on her way .



And today:

ME:[washing dishes]

4y/o: Towel.

ME: There[points]

4 y/o : [goes towards towel]

4 y/o :[comes to me and wipes her face and hands on my shirt]

4 y/o :[goes away without a change in expression]


ME:[washing dishes]

ME:[to 7 y/o] Want to help me with this?

7 y/o : Why don’t you use the scrubber on your face? It might improve your face.


She did help me put them away.

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