Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

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ME : [sleeping on sofa]

Me : [feels sudden pressure on face]

Daughter1 : [has put a pillow on my face and is sitting on it]


Daughter 4 : [crawls to me]

Daughter 4 : wather

[this is the first time she has asked for water, I generally have to feed it to her with her food]


Me : [gives]

Daughter 4 : [swats bottle away and looks at me]

[I give it to her again and she swats it away again, looking annoyed.]

Me : [Pick her up and point to things around the house looking for what is wahter.]


[Opens fridge and point to things “wather”]

Daughter 4 : [grabs chocolate and shoves it to the side of my face]

That was non sugary chocolate, so I gave her some better ones.


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