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Gt Kids Post

Talk about your kids or whatever. :D

On Friday i went to go and buy some things for year 1 year old. She is the cutest baby on the planet(fact)


So, we are walking down the street and then at an intersection, while I‘m talking to her mom, my daughter suddenly decides to grab onto the shirt of the lady next to me. And she refuses to let go, I’m so thankful the lady kept very still, as I pulled off my daughter’s fingers one by one. I wonder what that was about. Then we went to buy some clothes, and my daughter turns out to be just as picky as the last time we went shopping. She wouldn’t wear anything that isn’t super soft and light, wtf am I going to do as the cold sets in? Also, she now has a very set preference for what clothes she likes, although the pattern seems haphazard. So we only bought 5, after going through 3 whole stores.

Now, look at this.

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