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Talk about your kids.

I made this post earlier:

My phone rings. I pick it up. My youngest daughter dialed it, shes 1 y/o. Her: Haamm. Me: Hello?

I introduce myself, thinking it’s some client or a friend. Her : dash dash. I think it’s my daughter so I ask her to give it to her mother. her : constantly making nonsense noises. After a while, : Mommy? Me : yes, give it to mommy. I hear a lot of crash and bangs, and finally my wife picks up. Hello. I explain the situation, and ask her to check if my daughter called anyone else and thento set the folder and app locks so this doesn’t happen again. Me: Ok, can you give it back to her? Her: Why? Aren’t you at work? Me: I want to hear her speak some more. Her: Do your work so you can come home early. And that’s the end of that.

So, today, my daughter called me the first time :D:D


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