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Welcome To The Bitchery

I’ve been meaning to apply to law school forever. Took the LSAT right out of college but was then scared away by the depression and the hundreds of “Don’t go to law school!” articles. I ended up finding a decent job in a different area where I make good to great money, but I don’t love what I do. And now this particular industry is struggling, a big contract of mine just came to an end, and this seems like the ideal time to revisit law school, especially considering my LSAT score expires in the next year.

So of course someone sent me this NYT article published today, which basically says there are still too many law grads and not enough jobs. I’m having a hard time deciding if I should scrap the idea altogether, or if I should still go for it.

Here’s the deal: I’ve got a great LSAT score, 5 years of post-college work experience, and am insanely lucky in that with my sizeable savings and my parents help, I would only need moderate to small student loans, not the whole shebang. I also think I could get into a top 15 school, and wouldn’t go otherwise.


I work closely with lawyers at my current position and really enjoy it. I often review/draft contracts, or interpret them, and I love that too. A long, long time ago I interned with a public defender and could see myself doing something along those lines, although I’m not sure how hard those jobs are to come by.

So, all things considered, is this a terrible idea? Any insight or advice?

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