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Welcome To The Bitchery

Howdy, I'm here to survey the hivemind about obstetric care and personal preferences. From what I've heard, a pregnant woman gets two ultrasounds when pregnant. One early on to establish dates and another at 20 weeks. I am actually seeing a maternal fetal medicine doctor because I am on a medication that isn't recognized as 'safe' in pregnancy, so I am considered high risk by some doctors but not by others. My OB seems pretty confident that baby will be alright but said we are going to watch the growth closely. I have concerns, which may or may not be founded, about exposing baby to ultrasounds and the effects it can have. Yes, I am taking a medication (that I have to remain on for my own health) which could potentially effect the baby but I don't want to expose the fetus to unnessesary tests.

My question to yall is have you mothers ever declinded additional ultrasounds in pregnancy? My internist said his wife didn't get any ultrasounds. He said they are mostly for reassurance of the patient and even if there was an issue there is commonly little that can be done in utero. If my baby is growing at a slower rate or whatever problem may come up and be found as a result of these ultrasounds what can really be done about it? Is there treatment? I know, I need to ask my OB this question but I'm looking for others opinions and experiences as well.


Sorry in advance if this is too much pregnancy talk for GT. I have always rec'd solid advice here and am interested in what your experiences have been. But feel free to leave me a comment and tell me to take my ass to What To Expect's website.

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