Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Chicago GT'ers, this is your last call for a GT meetup THIS WEDNESDAY EVENING with me and TheRealLilo (who is gracing Chicago with her presence).

The current plan is for us to meet at Champagne for Pops at 7 PM to hang out, but I need final numbers so I can make a reservation! So far, we have the following people coming:

  • Renodakota
  • Crogesburg
  • DiamondsInTheSky
  • ScienceGal
  • One other GT'er who e-mailed me (but I don't know the GT handle of)

Any other takers, please e-mail me at StitchIsMyPatronus at Gmail by 6 PM Central so that I can make the reservation. Thanks!



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