Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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GT Meetup New York Edition (2nd call)

Following up on the post from a few weeks ago...

Based on the responses I got then, it sounds like the first weekend in August will work best for people.

Shall we say Saturday, August 6th? Speak up in the comments if you were hoping to come but you have a passionate and personal vendetta against Saturdays as a concept and are only willing to attend if we hold it on Sunday.


I was thinking that, weather permitting, we can do some kind of late afternoon potluck in Central Park. Sound good?

I’ll be posting further updates here, but if you think you definitely want to come send me an email at my kinja account (homeforlostoctopi@gmail.com). That way I can keep track of whose on board in some kind of vaguely coherent way.

Eta. We so far have one vote for Sunday! So...tentatively lets move it to Sunday? Let me know if Sunday is unfeasible for anyone/

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