Thinking about everything that has happened is making me sick and I need to step back. I need to give myself permission to go back to my life, but before I do that I want to reach out and maybe start people thinking about getting together IRL to talk about what we can do.

This is not like me at all. I’m normally the one who is saying “I love y’all but no,” because IRL stuff is hard for me. However, there are a lot of us hurting right now and a lot of us wondering what we can do, and I think we need to take it offline if we can.

Is there any interest in GT meetups? Maybe a Minneapolis meetup? I’ve always thought the Twin Cities GTers seemed like you’re probably very cool in real life. Do we want to look for ways to get involved, and then meet up and exchange notes?

Additionally, the only spot of brightness I have had since Tuesday evening was last night, watching Supergirl with some people I love.

Meetups don’t just have to be about political action, they can also be about self-care. I think that we all need to be investing in our support networks right now, whatever that means for each of us. It might mean reaching out to new people, or reconnecting with old friends, or volunteering in a progressive space, or setting up a weekly phone call appointment with a family member out of state.


Tip: When you’re maintaining a cross-state relationship, never end a phone call without scheduling the next one.

I hope you’re all finding the support you need, and I wish you strength facing the trials ahead. This is not the sort of world any of us should be facing alone.