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GT Minders of Toddlers/Kindergartenders

Please help! I will be babysitting my friends' 2 year old daughter and 4 year old son for like 12 hours on Sunday (if I do it right, they will be asleep for approximately 3 of those hours). I do not have any children but I love these kids and want to be a cool fun babysitter with age-appropriate activities. What should we do?! How long will it keep them entertained?

The 4 year old is totally obsessed with dinosaurs and music, and the 2 year old will (I believe) do whatever her older brother does. I want to do some baking or maybe some crafts but both of those things scream messy...


I will also have Miles with me as a baby-sitting sidekick.

I know that as a fall-back I can always watch a movie with them to kill some time, and they have a pool so we can get some swimming in too; but I don't want to rely exclusively on those things because 12 hours is a long time. Any and all advice is much appreciated!

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