I've been around long enough to know that Groupthink moderators are considered sacrosanct, but someone needs to say this and that someone is me.

I've noticed some things, lately, and I have no "proof" as to which mod it was (THOUGH I DO HAVE MY SUSPICIONS, CHRIT***) but this is my side of the story.

Sometimes I get drunk and post things in the no man's land of deep dark nighttime, and I get trolly or spam replies, or just straight up "LOL I don't think GT is a good fit for you, bro" people (I say this to them in my head).

And last night, one of those "people" was squashed before I even read their reply! I saw the comment in my notifications but gone it was when I clicked my post.

This other time, some "person" said some legit fucked up shit on my post and I checked back later.... And it looks like they got banned! All comments, 100% GONE.


So it got me thinking. Two times I have actually noticed when a mod flexed and 86'd a jackass commenter on my posts. How many more have there been that I didn't notice?

How fucking cool is that? GT mods: Got your back since whenever this blog started, anyway.


Thank you, mods, for doin' what ya do. You are appreciated, even when your work happens "behind the curtain," so to speak.

(Except for that chritter guy. I seriously don't know what his problem is.)