So this post got me thinking about this incredible/awesome/amazing recurring thread that SOMEONE on GT used to post each evening (or was it once a week?) about incredible/awesome/amazing women throughout history. I don't think I've seen one in at least a year. Maybe longer?

Royalty, inventors, industry leaders, elected officials, etc. — it was every kind of woman. Is this ringing a bell for anyone?

I read just about every damn one of them even if I almost never commented. And now I think maybe I should have given more encouragement b/c it was 1.) clearly labor intensive and 2.) a genuine service to the GT community (IMO).

Anyone remember who did those? Anyone know why it ended?

UPDATE: All credit to LuckyFrog for reminding me of the brilliant poster known as Partizan, who regularly posted a feature titled "Female Badasses in History" for GT's reading pleasure. (An example of his awesomeness is here.)


Partizan: If you occasionally lurk 'round these parts, I miss you. Hope all is well!