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Welcome To The Bitchery

GT Poll - Boyfriend's GT Name - EDITED

Like I told you all yesterday, I haz boyfriend!
And he is the awesome!


So we need to find a name!

After very careful consideration, I have narrowed it down to five (5) choices that you lovely folks presented to me on yesterday's post. Please, do not take offense if I did not choose your suggestion. They were all glorious and I wish I could name him all of them! But alas, I cannot.


With that said, I present to you the five choices and the commenters who provided them.

  1. King Fluffybutt suggested by Kirov
  2. Earl J. Fluffington III Esquire suggested by GhostBoobsMedusa
  3. FlufferNutter also suggested by GhostBoobsMedusa
  4. His Fluffiness suggested by LaChategris
  5. Consort Fluffybutt suggested by Erudita Vanitas

Please, cast your votes in the comments! The poll be open for 48 hours, as that is more than enough time for most, if not all of you, to see and decide! So it shall be closing at 1:15 am Wednesday November 6th.


Start choosing, friends!


We have one more choice added, folks! Sorry for the change but I could not leave this one out.

  1. Fluffybeard suggested (tonight) by Chupacabras eats your goat

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