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Apparently, I got posting privileges for Christmas. Bring on the cats in clothes!

My son and I were the super lucky recipients of holiday niceness from MaryTylerGore. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. She sent us 2 stockings filled with things like toothbrushes and body wash and daily necessities. She sent my son some warm gloves (I am glad to finally get mine back from him) and a scarf. But, I got the most beautiful bright quilt covered in friendship squares and backed in fleece and therefore was the luckiest of ducks. So pretty. In fact, so lovely is the quilt that my son and I decided to use it as a backdrop for some pictures of our cats in costumes.

We tried to put a sailor hat and collar on Hattie Jane Cornchip and this was largely unsuccessful. She opted not to participate and shortly after this picture was taken raced from one end of the apartment to the other repeatedly.


The feet at the bottom of that image are those of The Honorable Sebastian McMittenpaws, the most docile cat on Earth. He was pleased (ok, mildly peeved) to wear the hat and collar, while Hattie darted over and under furniture as if possessed.

He also modeled a simple tie.


But, things got really good when he was the only cat willing to portray a beguiling mermaid.


Those eyes!


AND (dramatic pause) he ate the costume.


Unfortunately, the flash blew out a lot of the quilt's color and I think you should know that however pretty you think it is, it is ten times as lovely in real life. I am a very lucky GTer tonight. As for dressing up my cats, animals in clothes are hilarious. Incontrovertible fact.

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