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So I threw out the idea of having a weekly Python study group and got some great feedback from a whole host of people, so I kinda want to nail down what people would want out of this 'cause I'm sorta getting some conflicting opinions.

Original Plan

So my thinking was that this was gonna be very independent study where each week the group is assigned one chapter of How to Think Like a Computer Scientist and that thread/the next week's thread is where people post any questions they have on the chapter/requests for more resources/explanations for things that didn't make sense in the chapter. Possibly also a google group for more ongoing feedback.


Possibly better plan

So I got back some great feedback from people who've taught newbies before that a bit more handholding would be required. I'm very sorry for this, but I'm really absolutely positively not allowed to take on any new responsibilities and totally don't have the time to straight up write/record lessons. So, if this is the sorta thing people want/need, well then we've gotta go all puppy eyed and beg someone else on GT to do this.

So, thoughts, comments, feedback?

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