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GT Rec Thread

Please share your suggestions and requests below!

I have one suggestion and two requests.

Suggestion: I went to yoga yesterday and our instructor talked about something she learned from a woman who teaches yoga in hospice and nursing homes. That woman said that a nightly foot massage with a warm cloth (as easy as wet it, throw it in the microwave) can keep circulation to our feet up, which can help prevent falls as we age. So, our teacher ended our practice with warm cloths yesterday and we rubbed our feet with them and it was a little slice of heaven. I have decided that will be part of my nightly wind down routine. So easy and relaxing!



We leave for Italy next week(!), what should I make sure to bring?

And one of my good friends recently had a baby. I’d like to do something nice for her, as well as get a gift for baby—I was thinking bath goodies but then I thought the mamas here might have better ideas about what they liked after giving birth. Any ideas?

Thanks, guys! Can’t wait to hear what’s rocking your worlds!

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