I'm filling out job applications and am in need of some help. Here's some nonsense to keep the personal stuff below the fold. I like to wear pajama pants and eat peanut butter of the jar with a spoon. My socks currently have holes in them.

Is that enough? Ok.

I started attending college in 2005. It began very well with me maintaining a high GPA. In my junior year I started to experience bad depressive episodes and wouldn't leave my apartment bedroom for days. This affected my grades badly, as you can imagine. I tried to power through for a couple more semesters, refusing to get help, and failed miserably. Eventually I dropped out and moved back home with mom and dad who were willing to do just about everything to help me.

After about 3 years of living at home and working retail I decided to re-enroll this past January. Shortly after being away from my safety net of family, the depression became bad again and another semester was down the drain. This past spring I finally broke down, admitted I needed help, and started seeing a therapist.

Now, I don't want to start university right away because I'm scared that it will happen again and I'll have wasted another couple of thousands of dollars. However, I need a job in the interim and I don't know how to explain these gaps and issues with my education/resume without seeming like a giant liability.