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GT: Should I watch season 2 of Warehouse 13?


Hi GT,

I watched season 1 of Warehouse 13 recently. It was okay. It was filmed in Toronto, so it was nice to look at things and go 'The Elgin theatre is being Paris! (Or was it the Pantages/Canon?)' or 'Bay and Wellesley being Chicago!' and such. And CCH Pounder is awesome and fierce and HBIC and all that. But I don't know if there's enough to keep me going for a second/third/fourth season. Some of the guest actors are awful and Pete's a little grating.


So please, GT, tell me if it gets better WITHOUT SPOILERS. Or if it maintains the current level of quirky fun.

Here's a picture of the HBIC with my thanks:

Illustration for article titled GT: Should I watch season 2 of Warehouse 13?

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