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Welcome To The Bitchery
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GT Skill Share (Featuring Emmer on sewing and gardening)

Its time for GT’s monthly skill share /AMA thread, this month on sewing and gardening!

(This was supposed to happen last Sunday but I kind of crapped out this weekend. =P)


Since there have been a lot of new faces around GT recently, for those of you who don’t know, this year we are doing a kind of support group for people who want to either learn a new skill in 2017 or practice an older ability. Part of this is that once a month, a different volunteer GTer is doing an AMA related to a particular skill that they have. You can check out the skills tag to see old AMA posts.

This month, Emmer has graciously offered to host an AMA on gardening and sewing.


As always, try to keep to thread rules just to keep things organized.

I’ll start one thread for questions for Emmer (with a few general questions to kick things off.) The second thread will be for miscellaneous questions, or comments. Practicing something else and want to brag? Have an unrelated question about something you are learning? That goes in the miscellaneous thread!

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