The tradition in my family is that when we have a meal together, each person goes around the table and says three good things about their day so far. I'm eating leftover pizza for lunch and feeling happy but a little alone (and not in a bad way, but... sociability!) Will you share your three good things with me?

1. It's beautiful outside. For the first time in months, we've broken 40 degrees and things are melting and the sun is warm and wonderful. It will go back to negative temps on Friday, so I am soaking it alllll in while I have it.

2. I had a coconut-toasted marshmallow latte on special at my favorite coffee shop this morning. It was a little too sweet but super delicious. Next time I will ask for less syrup.

3. I have no afternoon class today, so I got to play a few rounds of League with a friend who I have not talked to in a while. We won.

PS - sorry if this comes across as one of those "I AM SOOOOO GRATEFUL" things like on fb.