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GT tell me your favorite make up tips!

I feel like I'm making all kinds of strides this year that most women make when they're like, 16. Only 11 years too late, wahoo!

So I've been wearing makeup for the sole purpose of covering up my awful dark circles since... ever. And this was enough of a daily pain that I never really tried to do anything else. It usually goes: okay finally got circles covered. Now the rest of my face looks super red, need to even that out so it matches. ....Okay done.


As a person of extreme paleness, this was probably not the best approach for me, as many recent pictures have attested (GOD PEOPLE WILL YOU STOP USING FLASH)

Anyway now that I have makeup I really like that makes my basic routine a lot easier, I bought blush for literally the first time in my life the other day, and used it for the first time yesterday. I felt sort of ridiculous covering up all the red that's naturally in my face and then putting some back on... but I think it looked nice? I used such a small amount you could barely see it in my home mirror (I fear over-making-up) but I thought I caught myself looking less ghostly throughout the day.

So like, there's gotta be some more little tiny steps I can take to using make up for fun. I can't stand eyeliner/mascara, but I'm okay with eyeshadow... except I buy it, try to put it on, and it doesn't seem to stick at all, it looks invisible unless it's a really dark color. My turquoisey-green eyes are probably my best feature so hey, I should do something with them once I've worked that hard to get rid of my dark circles right?? I would love to hear all your amazing make-up related secrets. Probably very basic stuff will be an amazing secret to me.

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