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GT Tweet Beat and OT

I don’t normally do this, but I’m ignoring bad things that happened today by cruising twitter and we haven’t had one in a couple of days.

I was completely amused by this man’s reaction to his fake tweet going viral. I also posted this everywhere my friends reposted from a source that didn’t include the original tweeter. (see the thread)


This scientist had his stuff stolen by Mail Online.

The MarySue posted about that T-Mobile ad, but I was distracted.


Jennifer Brea deserves a fucking break and anyone who says you have “young lady issues” should be set on fire (thread)


John Scalzi is being prepared. (Someone while I was out recently asked us, a group of late 30s ladies, what we look for in a man and most of us said jobs and a 401k.)


Here’s a Jack Russel on a chubby horse.


I need coffee flour in my life.

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