So, many of you saw my post yesterday, and posted amazing support! And I love you all for it!

But as some of you may recall, that post was inspired by a friend who posted on Facebook that she doesn’t like the term victim or survivor.

I (along with several other people) thanked her for her honesty and expressed an ability to relate. No one shared detailed stories, just a general “I get this because this.”

Today, without responding to any of us, she posts “sorry I didn’t tell you how to support me. I don’t want to hear about your “similar” stories, just please tell me I’m brave and I’ll be okay. Thanks!”

Now, I’d have zero problem with this request. If she’d started with it. Instead, I felt like my experience was an intrusion upon hers. I had offended her by relating. I get that it’s her right to make her experience about just her, especially on her own page. But... to ignore all our feelings and experiences? She said nothing to us, and did not acknowledge us outside of this post. Again, her right to do so, but I kinda feel insulted.