The internet and GroupThink are for everyone to have a voice (well, until net neutrality is gone) whether they're rich, poor, talented, untalented, well, sick, struggling but silent, struggling and making sure EVERYONE IS GOING TO HEAR IT, those who want to give help, those who are in need of help, those who don't give a shit, those who have so many shits to give, mothers, fathers, people in recovery, cancer survivors, cancer patients, lawyers, students, doctors, programmers, therapists, people with posting privileges, our lovable lurkers... (feel free to add other "examples" of who we are in the comments)

One of our members has a book deal based on what she wrote here. Another got more page views and press for her opinion on the Miley Cyrus MTV performance than every post Jezebel did on it COMBINED. And that's just in the 4-5 months that I've been here AND those who have felt comfortable sharing their successes.

Are people too harsh sometimes? Sure. Too sensitive? Probably. But guess what's great about GroupThink? We get to be all those things because we're a part of a community. A community that holds it's members accountable to each other if (surprisingly) not in the moment, then eventually. We're allowed to make mistakes but we interact with each other to improve and defend/discuss missteps in order to learn. After all, it's a fucking blog.

This is about us. And reaffirming how awesome we are, un-Photoshopped warts and all.

A selected portion of my comment from another time when GroupThink was talked down to.

We care enough about each other and the subjects raised by Gawker and Jezebel to make our own fucking space where we police each other, support each other and create content for ourselves and anyone else who wants to read it.