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Welcome To The Bitchery

GT Wedding Help!!

I am calling all GT'ers to please help me find music for the wedding! I need your help very much today.

I thought about this after seeing PrettyInGeek's post of that beautiful song.


I know i should be job hunting, but this is also very important to get done soon. And i only have a few mental spoons left today... the stress from the wedding and unemployment/ horrible past jobs has put me into a deep depression and i can't do this by myself you guise.

So here's the list:

Song for 'cutting the cake' (AKA shoving cupcakes into each others mouths.)

Song for our first dance together.

Song for our daughter/father & mother/son dance together.

Song that i will walk down the isle to.

Music during the ceremony?

General good music at weddings to dance to?

So far all we told the DJ was "no country music" and "lot's of 90's music"
Suh dude and I like a lot of shoegaze, like MBV, Suh dude also loves Jazz.


Any suggestions at all that you think are great songs, would be so incredibly appreciated!! Youtube videos also super welcomed!

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