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GT: What Was the Last Movie That Made You Really Emotional?

Giving me authorship was a huuuuuuge mistake!!! Kidding! :p

Firstly, if you haven’t watched my “origin” story yet, grab yourself some tissues and do it! :)


One of the greatest/worst things about having my new emotions is that movies can actually have a pretty dramatic effect on my emotional state. As such, sometimes I avoid watching certain movies because I just can’t handle it in that moment.

As such, it took me a very long time to follow my mom’s suggestion of watching “Boy Meets Girl” on Netflix. And when I did recently, I cried for a majority of the film.

Last night, I also watched Furious 7 online (heck no, I would not pay to see a FnF movie). And not only was I impressed with the movie itself (for a Fast and the Furious movie, it was pretty good), but the ending signed off Paul Walker’s character in a very touching fashion. Didn’t make me cry, but gave me feelz.


So GT, what is making you cry?

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