I love having a troop of awesome worldly people to give me advice. It has been a huge help planning my trip to Tanzania. I am now booked with a tour operator (for those of you following along, I went with the helpful Canadian from Group 1), settled on doing Tanzania only and leaving Rwanda and the gorillas hopefully for the future. There just won't really be enough time for us to do both in this trip.

I'm pretty psyched about this trip. I am liable to not shut up about it for the next week or so until I leave. We're going to see Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Olduvai Gorge, before flying to Zanzibar and checking out the markets in Stone Town, Jozani Forest, and finally spending a day at the beach to close out the trip. My sadness at skipping the gorillas is made slightly better by knowing I might see endangered red colobus monkeys in Jozani. Like this adorable weirdo!

Actually, I did have one more question about clothing for those of you that have been to Tanzania before. I plan to dress with my shoulders and knees covered for the most part, but I have to assume that there are places that this wouldn't be necessary. For example, pools at hotels, or the beach in Zanzibar. Can anyone offer further guidance?

Any other tips you'd like to give me, I'd love to hear them!