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I'm trying to decide which camera with a front facing view finder I should get. This will be used to film videos for Youtube, taking full length outfit photos, etc. (I already have a regular camera I use for traveling). I don't know much on how to tell what is the better camera :/

My dream would be the Rebel T3i or T5i but I don't want to spend that much.

I've narrowed it down to the following choices. It needs to be able to autofocus during filming, have the ability to use a remote or iPhone to snap photos (so I can take photos without using a timer), and be able to sit on a tripod. Have a good white balance for dimmer lighting would be helpful as well, but not a deal breaking.


The most essential part is that it has either a front screen or a flip-out screen so I can see myself as I'm sitting or standing in front of the camera :)

Here we go, from least expensive to most expensive.

1. Not sure why the actual photo link isn't showing up for this one:


2. I love this color pink and how small it is:

3. This one I'd go with the cheaper $369 option:


Thanks in advance GT!

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