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Welcome To The Bitchery

About 3 years ago, I was a lowly intern at an awesome organization. There was the "women in leadership" program where all the interns met women executives and head-of-departments in our organization. I met my future interviewer during this program. She's an awesome lady.

At the end of the internship, I decided to host an "end of internship" party. I volunteered to make a cake, so I asked interns about allergies and emailed out invites telling peeps the party was happening and that I was making a cake. Cus it was "the 30 minute intern party in the conference room," I didn't think paid staff members would attend.

But they did attend! And future interviewer came...and...she had a gluten sensitivity. And my cake was not gluten free. I apologized profusely about not asking her, or other paid staff members, about allergies or sensitivities. But she seemed really pissed off by it. She seriously side-eyed me and, "YEAH YOU SHOULD HAVE ASKED ME." And I agree. I don't have to think about food allergies 'cus I don't have them. I have to be mindful of that, and I should have asked staff members even if the party wasn't specifically for them.

So now I have an interview with this organization. Judging from the email, interviewer doesn't remember me..but what happens when she sees me? Will she remember the cake incident?

Part of me wants to bring it up before we start the interview and just...apologize again in case she remembers?? But then part of me is like "would she even remember?" and "that's a really weird and negative thing to bring up." But if I don't bring it up..what if she remembers and sees me as "evil cake intern"?

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