So, I had to recut a video for a client today and didn't get as much of the e-Bay stuff photographed as I'd hoped. But, I did get a bunch of the clothes done, and so I give you, stuff from my MIL's closet!

Note: I'm going to bed relatively soon, so it's best to contact me via e-mail at — TheNerdyMrs (at) gmail if you see something you like. Google does a much better job of telling me who asked for something first than Kinja does. I accept Paypal (or cash if you're in the metro NY area and willing to meet up). Prices listed are what I'm aiming for on e-Bay and don't include shipping (because I don't ship stuff often enough to have calculated rates in my head). If it's out of your budget, and you're in love/need, talk to me. I'm a fairly reasonable person, I'm not firm on every price, and I'd rather deal with you guys than complete strangers on the Internet.


Wrangler Fleece-Lined Jeans - 38 x 32

I'd never seen a pair of these before, and if they were my size, you can bet I'd rock them all winter long. The outer shell is 100% cotton denim. Interior is quilted polyester. $20.

G.A.P. Long & Lean Jeans - Sz 20


These are brand new with tags, still in the bag that The GAP shipped them in. I don't think she even tried them on. $25.

Lauren Jeans Co. Stretch Denim - Sz 18


These are in immaculate condition considering I had a tough time reading the patch on the back. The stretch denim feels really nice. These would have been thin jeans in the 90's, but they're almost heavyweight compared to what I've felt in a store lately. Usually stretch denim feels like a cotton shirt. $15.


Solid Black Pashmina


I would have kept this if a.) it weren't brand freaking new with the tags still on and b.) I weren't a scarf/wrap/shawl making machine. (Seriously, I just found two pieces I designed and knit this year that I've never worn. I'll try and find the time to take fun pictures this week for you guys.) $5.

Hand Dyed Wrap


My MIL picked this bad boy up at a textiles trade show. It's hand dyed, probably using a combination of hand painting and wax resist techniques, and the work is done really beautifully. It has no tags (and I couldn't find a spot where one might have been, so I'd guess it's done by an individual artist or one of the smaller companies), so I can't be completely sure, but the fabric feels like a cotton-linen blend. $45.


This is the one I'm excited about, because a lot of you guys are knitters/crocheters, and most of these sweaters are made with thick enough yarn to consider unraveling to remake into something for yourself.


XL Lime Green Jones New York Cardigan

This is actually pretty nice just as it is. If you're daring, the 100% cotton yarn is about sock weight, maybe slightly heavier. $40.


DKNY "Pure New Wool" Sweater (M)

I tried this one on because the label said M, and this is the biggest size M I've ever put on. I'm a 16/18 on top and this thing floats like hell on me. I could wear the damn thing as a dress. $50.


Unravelers, this 100% wool yarn is a DK/sport weight.

Jones New York Angora Blend Sweater - Sz 2XL


This is the total pick of the entire pile of stuff. The sweater's not bad, runs a little small for a 2X, but it's the yarn I'm struggling with here. 45% Angora, 40% Lambswool, and 15% nylon, this thing feels amazing. And the yarn is worsted weight:

I'm still debating keeping this to unravel myself. But I have approximately 4 60 gallon containers full of stash yarn. So, my concession to myself is that I priced this based on the yarn instead of googling comparable stuff on e-Bay. This much yarn of this quality would cost me $100. The three people I asked about it told me I should charge more, but, I'm not going to do that. Asking for $100 feels jerky enough.



I made a cool thing for someone who, before I finished it, said something truly shitty to me— on my birthday. Which made me realize that she'd been saying really shitty stuff to me since I was like 14. Soooo, since it's not like they knew I was making it, their loss could be your gain. It's based on a pattern I usually use for baby blankets, but I totally took it into throw territory. I had The Nerdy Mr snap a photo of me sitting on it so that you guys could get an idea of how big it is.


The yarn cost me around $40 and it took me about 12 hours to knit it. Make me an offer that covers my cost and gives me a little something for my time, and that all seems like a less losing prospect than continuing that toxic friendship.

Coming next time—

Handspun 3 ply yarn (I mades it!!), some shirts and sweaters you can't unravel, Christmas dishes, vintage glasses, and some stuff that was hanging around my studio too long.


If You Have Something To Sell—

Feel free to mention it in the comments or shoot me an e-mail to talk about a mention next time.

Thanks for looking, guys.