Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

GT Yard Sale? Spring Cleaning Edition.

UPDATE: Yard Sale will be this Saturday so clean out your closets!

Anyone interested in having one of these soon?

I have this pair of heels that I bought about a month ago but they’re too small. They’re legit the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever owned and it makes me VERY sad. I posted about them in two different vintage re-sale groups on Facebook but they haven’t gotten any hits, I think because the groups are really popular and posts get down-threaded quickly.


I have some exercise DVDs and other odds and ends too. I start school in August and need text book money ;-)

So, do you folks have anything you need to get rid of? This might be good motivation to down-size/spring clean and see what you don’t use anymore? Do you want to have a yard sale soon?

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