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So, I listened to you guys and was like nah. I can't visit. I'm good. I mean the last few weeks with Dean have been AMAZING. Like, he and I are both in a great place and we're so happy and I'm like in frigging floaty heart land.


So uh.

Dear HiveMind formally known as GT,

Eric showed back up on Saturday, just randomly showed back up. He shows back up to my house with a friend of ours. I am like the ??!???


So I'm just like okay... whatever. Come in? I'm in the middle of cooking dinner mind you. FIRST THING Eric does is hug me at my waist. I shoved him away cause hugs at waist are reserved for taller half only. He seems okay with this. My friend and Eric decide to play pool while I cook dinner. Eric tries more stuff. (GT, you guys were so right.) I am just like hey these are boundaries, please respect them. He seems hurt, but whatever. My friend and Eric continue playing pool and I do my thing cooking dinner. I'm apparently being anti-social cause I'm not involved in the pool playing.

Eric leaves in a pissed fashion leaving our mutual friend stranded which...is a really douchebag move. I am now pissed because I was like Hey, GT was right! (that wasn't the first thought, just hindsight) My friend is like what the hell just happened. I tell him, your "bro" there is a douche.


So, my dear taller half comes over. I am still fuming because of Eric's idiotic behavior. He's like ??????????? ??????? ??????? I am not a good liar when I am angry. So, I told him after we drop off our friend I will tell you all. So once I come to tell him "Oh btw, Eric's back in town and didn't get that I am not leaving you."

Taller half is just quiet. Uneasy quiet, because he's not the type to be silent unless he is pissed. I am really scared that taller half is going to do something regrettable because I have not seen him this mad in a long time. I texted Eric this morning and told him not to randomly show up to my house ever again without an invitation because Dean's going to be quicker than the cops.


I just want to thank you all for giving me clarity into a situation that apparently I was hoping was not going to be there.

Thank you.


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