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GT, you were the better option.

BIG surprise there. Date=Bad.

That was the most weirdly antagonistic date I have ever been on. He kept asking me how much I thought about past exes, kept passive-aggressively saying he couldn’t ask any of his real questions because I’d get weird (referencing me telling him to back off about sex talk), asked me about my student loan amount, and went through every job he’d ever had and shushed me when I tried to relate it to some of my experiences. And then got mad when I didn’t have a ton to say/ask him.

I FORGOT THE PART WHERE HE CALLED WOMEN FEMALES. AND SAID HE HAD WEIRD HISTORY WITH A LOT OF FEMALES. And he’d do this thing where he’d say something and try to make me guess whether he was lying or not.

To top it all of, it was a sort of awkward goodbye because we both just wanted to leave (at least I did and he seemed annoyed). Until I got a text at midnight, saying “goodnight beautiful” with a kissy face. WHY. WE BOTH KNOW WE ARE NOT COMPATIBLE AT ALL. STOP.

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