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GTers with Disabilities: Share your Best Comments from Strangers

After reading lovelylipstick's wonderful post about dealing with the ignorant dehumanizing shit that said to her as a person who uses mobility assistant (in her case, a power chair), it got me thinking. Many people with disabilities (PWD) face this kind of stuff on a daily basis*. While it may be most common among those with visible disabilities, those of us in the invisible category still get our fair share. So I was hoping to create a post where we could come together and talk about this issue.

Here is mine: I have a chronic and debilitating autoimmune disease and quite often when I discuss this people say "It can't be that bad". Seriously. I tell people that I have a chronic debilitating disease, for which I receive chemotherapy, and they treat me like I stubbed my toe.


If you feel comfortable feel free to share yours. If you'd like it doesn't have to have come from a complete stranger.

*Some people may call these incidents "micro aggressions", I wouldn't however.

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