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GTers, you're awesome!!!!!!!!!!

so, UPS came by, and there was this box addressed to Honey Smacks, and i opened it up, and these were inside! i can't wait for the boys to get home, 'cause they love these! there will be peanut butter and jelly cracker-wiches for snack! or maybe tuna salad cracker-wiches! so many possibilities!

thank you, Blood(Free)SampleThief for putting my wishlist out there, and thank you extra hard to whoever sent these! GT'ers are AWESOME!!!



(you guys have no idea how excited i am about this! can't wait for the kids to get home!)

ETA: my youngest just got home and saw the box and his eyes got big and he said, "are those for ME? and for brother?" and when i said yes, he started hopping up and down! :) :) :)

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