So, my boss wants me to sockpuppet for the company on various social media platforms. After ten minutes of beating around the bush, our exchange went a bit like this:

"Start an account - not one from the business - and join the conversation," he says.

"Like, as an expert? Wouldn't the sommeliers on staff be better for that?"

"Well, maybe, but, you're our marketing expert. Get in there as "FarceWineChick" or whatever and talk about our products in a flattering way."



"Yes. Maybe use more than one personality."

"What you're talking about sounds an awful lot like Sockpuppetting. Sockpuppets a get rooted out pretty quick and damage corporate credibility..."


"Sockpuppetting/guerrilla marketing, whatever you want to call it, I want a three month plan on my desk Monday."

ETA: I didn't even bother trying to explain to him that Sockpuppetting IS NOT FUCKING GUERILLA MARKETING.


Image "The Lurking Sockpuppet" by ursulav on deviant Art. I had to use it because I love that picture so.