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Guess How the Internet Reacted to a Woman Showing Off Her Body

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This is Jaimie Alexander at the Thor: The Dark World premiere in Los Angeles last night. She looks amazing. Full stop. And just once, wouldn't it be nice to look at a woman like this in a dress like that and just think, either, "I like this dress" or "I don't like this dress."


Instead, as you can probably imagine, there are already shots of her not-so-strategically disguised ladymuffin all over the intertubes. I won't share that photo here, but the fact that a professional photographer took a photograph of her vagina and then shared it on paid professional websites... that, as it turns out, is not the problem. The problem is with Alexander herself.

Case in point, today's headlines:

Jaimie Alexander Goes Without Underwear at Thor: The Dark World Premiere

Jaimie Alexander Shows Off the Most Revealing Dress Ever for 'Thor'


Jaimie Alexander Goes Without Underwear in Shocking Sheer Dress with Body-Flashing Cut-Outs


The comment sections are even better. On the one hand, do I think Alexander wore this dress knowing she'd make headlines? Sure. But that's her job as an up-and-coming actress, and like it or not, it's expected of her.

But I hate this immediate desire to slut-shame her for wearing it.

So Jaime? I like the dress.

/edited because of Violet B.'s very good point.

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