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Guess I'm going to the doctor today?

Generally coughing up blood means one should see a doctor. *Sigh.

I guarantee you I have fucking bronchitis. I had a feeling I did from the beginning, because the first symptom I had was my lungs hurting (I feel like at least one of you will know what I mean by that. It's like an achy back but very specific to the area in which your lungs are). Then the fever came, which broke. And I started feeling better!

Until last night, when the lung ache was back and my chest was tight, and throat hurt a bit. And this morning, whelp. Coughing up blood.


Soooo I'm going to the doctor later. And I had to reschedule my hanging out with Georgia who I was supposed to see tonight.

Or I'm, ya know, dying. Which would suck.

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