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Guess who might be back on disability again?

Yup...me. I live in Pennsylvania, and we've had a decent amount of snow the past few days. Well, the mall I work at is an outdoor style mall (It's basically a high end strip mall). They have not plowed/shoveled/salted at all! On my way out to my car to drop something off, I slipped on some ice and landed on my back and ass. I couldn't move, I had to call my manager and have someone come out and help me up. So, I got someone to drive me home, and my parents went and picked up my car. I didn't go to the ER, even though I probably should have. I just took a Percocet and went to bed. What if I hurt myself again? Or permanently?

I filed a report with mall security, but I'm not sure what if anything happens now. I wish they had done the responsible thing and cleaned up the walking areas and parking lots. What if an older person had fallen? Broken a hip or worse, died? They could sue, or their family. I'm not one for lawsuits, but there's no way this wasn't thought about? Now I'm angry and hurting and worried about hypothetical old people.


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