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And, because I'm a dumbass, it took me a year and several months to do so. But, y'all. Y'all. This is so exciting and awesome. If I get a really bad cough, and the OTC meds don't cut it, so I have to go to the doctor and get something stronger, I CAN TOTALLY GET THE GOOD SHIT WITH THE HYDROCODONE IN IT. I didn't get a bad cough at all last year, so I never really thought about it, but for years I would go to the doctor with a cough, and they would want to prescribe the cough syrup with the hydrocodone in it, and I would have to say, "I can't have that in the house, my husband is an addict." But now I don't live with him. And he's not my husband anymore, either. So. If I get a really awful cough this winter (which has been known to happen) I can get the good shit from the doctor to sort it out and actually sleep. And in the bed, not sitting up in the recliner. Because we all know that those damn tussin pearls they give you when you can't have the stuff with hydrocodone don't do a thing. This realization is extremely exciting.


Also, I have a date on Saturday. With an online dating internet stranger. He.... seems nice? And has seen my picture and didn't recoil in horror? And hasn't been inappropriate at all in any way, and keeps wanting to talk to me, but hasn't been all Mr. Double Entendre which is all Asshole ever was, so I just don't know how that works.

Also, I'm going to be fired from my primary source of income because of politics bullshit. (It is, seriously, NOT OK. It is the kind of shit that they can only pull because I live in an "at will" state, which means that employers can do whatever the fuck they want and employees have no protections or recourse.) But I'm working on a plan, and I'm certainly resigning before they can fire me, so fuck 'em. Fuck 'em in the ear.

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