Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

(Hint: it was me)

My MIL bought some clearance meat the other day, including some nice Strip Steaks. I saw some poblanos at Aldi while grocery shopping yesterday, and couldn't pass them up. So last night, I did me some grilling. I rubbed the steaks with whats-this-here sauce and steak seasoning, and I rubbed the poblanos down with some olive oil. I got a good char on them, so that the skin peeled off easy and the flesh was soft.


For those of you not blessed to live in the SW states, poblanos are green chiles that look like big jalapenos. They are a little bit milder than jalapenos and taste much, much better. For me, they are the ideal chile, as prophesied in the Revelation to St. Jesus de Zacatecas (it's in the bible; you can look it up): flavorful and hot, but not so hot it sears my taste buds off. Just enough to bring a few tears to my eyes, like the scene in Despicable Me where Gru reads the book to the "gurls" at the end of the movie.

So hows about it: anyone else grillin up some hot peppers?

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