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Guess who hasn't been wearing their Air Cast properly?!

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Yep, it's me! Fuck my life. And the dumb ass nurse who put it on wrong to begin with. I even asked if she was sure! This thing is way more complex than she made it seem.


For some reason (boredom is the reason), I decided that I was going to sit down and look over the product website for my Air Cast, as I remember the Nurse mentioning there was even a YouTube Video about it, although she said I'd only need to watch it if I wanted to be "hardcore" because she would "show me how easy it is". Yes, she said that, even the hardcore bit. After she had it on me, I specifically said "this feels quite loose. Is it supposed to be so loose?". Her answer was "yes". So anyways, I surf on over to the website to cure my boredom and read through some interesting facts about how my Air Cast is just superfantastic, until I stumbled upon the YouTube tutorial. Cool, this will kill at least a few more minutes right?

Boy am I glad I watched this tutorial, because the nurse totally showed me how to put it on incorrectly. What the fuck!? Not okay. Two things are wrong:

1) Apparently there is a specific order in which to do up the Velcro straps, and they are numbered accordingly on a tag (a miniscule tag, I might add) on the seam. She just said do 'em up, no specific order.


2) The piece that sits on top of my foot, but under the Velcro straps is positioned wrong. Now it's not like she somehow managed to put it on me upside down and backwards, but it is wrong, and does make quite a difference in fit. The little pieces of plastic are supposed to go inside the boot, between my foot covering and the outer piece. Butttt it wasn't. It's been sitting on the outside of the outer piece. It does feel significantly snugger now that it's on properly, and a have a much smaller range of motion.

I'm so fucking unimpressed right now. I feel like such an idiot for not watching this stuff right when I got home from Urgent Care the night I broke it. Cmon! [bangs head against wall] If this screws up my healing I'm going to be so unimpressed. I am just ready to cry. I'm already three weeks in and it's still quite sore, which concerns me even more now that I know it hasn't been in the cast right. I know the Doctor said it would be sore until around week 4-5, but I'm getting close to that and it still really sucks.



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