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Guess who just had sex?

This chick over here! Saturday, I saw this cute rocker-looking dude at work but didn't think anything of it. Later that evening I saw him again at a party, one thing led to another and we made the fuck out. Last night we hung out, he made me some badass dinner, we geeked out about comics and old sitcoms, played PS3, and had SO MUCH KINKY SEX. I mean, I lost a contact, and he distracted me from shooting things in Saint's Row, but as I had no idea what I was doing in the first place and he was super fucking hot I forgave him pretty quickly. Y'all know my struggles with people giving me that good-good, so last night and allll this morning I made up for lost time.


Aside from being really hot and nerdy and cute and having a comfy bed, he is also a certified kinkster, and is going to introduce me to all sorts of new and naughty things (ROPE! RIDING CROPS! ET CETERA!). He already showed me his hitachi magic wand and his...other magic wand, both of which were a roaring success. This is me right now:

(Yes. Yes I did see his iceberg. It was huge) I'm so excited you guys! He has a friend (partner? He's poly, so maybe 'tis his partner) I met who seems really cool too. I hope we can all be buds, but she's kind of mercurial and I'm a lil' worried I offended her yesterday. At the same time...


Now I'm off to maybe get a little sleep, and then work. The first night I spend with a person I always suffer from dream-within-a-dream, where I have perplexing and disappointing convos with them and wake up confused and slightly angry. So in between that and all the sex I didn't sleep well last night. I'm going to be a very happy tired person tonight :D

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