Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
Illustration for article titled Guessing Game: What have Korra and Aikage got in their POCKETSES?

With the most stars, this was the clear winner, though lots of people would also really like to know certain things about Bumblecat, CassieBearRAWR and Croguesberg - and if this is still fun for everyone, we will do those at a later date!


A very special thanks to JessPhilosoraptor for embracing the idea and getting this going the other day, and to everyone for making such great Guessing suggestions.

If you enjoy a comment, give it a star - I will award the winner based on most votes!


ETA the prize, because i am new at this. The prize is a semi-artistic representation of the winner's screen name.

1. Be funny
2. Be kind

And ... Go!

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