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Guessing Game! Why is my office getting cleaned this weekend?

Everyone in my building got an email today that they are deep-cleaning the office this weekend and that we should be sure to put all dishes in the break room dishwashers and throw away all food or else it will be disposed of.

Now, although our company is technically essential services, we got dragged in some tech articles over the CEO’s dickheadedness about allowing corporate employees to work from home. So now we are allowed to work from home and have a rotational schedule based on your team. Some teams are doing 1 week in the office, 5 weeks out. Some teams are doing like each employee is there 2 days a week, etc. All fancy pantsy upper management have had to be in the office every day all along because “setting a good example.”


So, why are they deep-cleaning the building this weekend?

I was there yesterday, it’s basically empty. There’s no weird smells or anything. Although the faucet water smells like rotten gunk because there’s probably a bloom in the pipes due to much, much lower volume of water going through the plumbing with the building basically empty. We’re not allowed to go on other floors, so no clue what the other floors look like but mine is fine.


Did someone leave food out too long and now there’s a roach problem on a different floor?

Did someone leave apples and stuff like that on their desk before not coming into the office for weeks and there’s a gross moldy decomposition experiment happening?


Did someone get the coronavirus and was in the building and they’re not willing to fess up that their fucking stupid office policy put people at risk?

I have many questions. I’ve worked in the building for 4 years and this sort of email has never happened before. St. Louis County isn’t “reopening” next week so there’s no pressure in that sense. 

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